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About Helios

HELIOS is a future orientated, fast growing family business with plant size of 100.000m2 and a production area of 50.000m2 at Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany).

The company has many decades of experience in the development and production of fans, air treatment components and accessories.

Helios is one of the most successful manufacturers of domestic, commercial and industrial fans and distinguises itself with modern technologie in a pleasent design and a large product range.

HELIOS, one of Europe's leading fan manufacturers offer an exceptionally large range of standard products in all pressure and flow ranges as well as special constructions made to order. Over 3,000 cataloguised models allow an easy selection even for more difficult operating conditions. The range includes domestic fans for wall, ceiling or window installation, mono tube systems, central ventilation systems axial and centrifugal fans for wall installation or in-line with ducting, fans for industrial applications, high temperature and smoke spill fans, car park ventilation as well as process applications and cooling towers.

The various ranges top in a maximum impeller diameter of 7.100 mm and air flows of up to 2,2 Mio. m3/h. A vast range of useful accessories accompanie the fans.

HELIOS Ventilatoren impress with a high quality stanards and life expectency of their products. Therefore its clientele grows continuously.